The RescueBag

The RescueBag is used to store individually customized equipment in a single and most importantly, a portable pocket. Inside the bag there are several compartments and pockets, so everything is neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Although the bag is small (25x23cm), it is capacious and comfortable to use. It is fastened to the thigh by means of two rubber belts with clips and a tape with a grip to the trousers. This is a very interesting solution, due to which there is no need for a belt or any other additional attachments to the trousers. Two semicircles mounted on the outside of the bag are used for holding gloves. In addition, there is a possibility of full adjustment of fastenings, so that every firefighter can use it comfortably and the bag does not interfere with the rescue operations. An additional Velcro at the flap allows for easy access to the equipment. The bag is equipped with a handle which makes it easy to carry. The RescueBag can also be used as a tool bag in a combat car.

The RescueBag is made of high-quality materials and available in two versions – waterproof Cordura and fire-retardant Royalty- RescueBag PRO (compliant with BS5852 Part 1 Source 1 and 2 by Fira institute), which allows for direct contact of the fabric with fire.